Don’t Quit your Daydream

It takes a certain kind of strength and courage to be believe in yourself…

I’ll begin my blogging journey, with one of my own adventures to believing in myself.

I remember the summer of 2011 shortly after my 30th birthday, I made up in my mind that I was going to return to school and finish up my Bachelors Degree, even though I knew I only had freshmen credits. It was time! So I QUIT my job of seven years and begin my adventure. No one around me gave me positive feed back on my decision! But hey as a mother of one (at the time) I told myself this is a decision for the future of my son and myself. I believed in myself! Besides this is something I always dreamed of being a college girl.  Any-who…

I paid a visit to Wayne State University to see what steps I needed to complete in order to return as a student the fall of that year. 1st thing 1st I had an outstanding Perkins Loan owed to the university in the amount of $2000. 2nd I was on academic probation and excluded (from my previous enrollment at the university), which prevented me from enrolling in any classes. 3rd I had to file a SAP appeal (whatever that is) in order to even be considered for financial aid.  Ugh…lol

Where do I start… after all that information I received, I decided that I was going to make it happen. I visited the Office of Financial Aid and spoke with an advisor about the whole Perkins Loan situation and found that the loan could be forgiven if I meet any one of the qualifications of the loan forgiveness program. BAM, I meet one qualification and viola half of the loan was forgiven and the other half was deferred until 6 months after graduation. Of course that didn’t happen overnight it was a process, but you get the picture.  The power of believing in myself!

1 down 2 to go! I setup an appointment to speak with an Academic Advisor about my academic probation. She advised me that I had to complete a reinstatement application (which included a written statement about my past, and future plans at WSU) and that it has to be reviewed by a committee, which does not guarantee reinstatement. Plus if I was considered for reinstatement I would have to repeat 3 courses before I could even enroll in any new courses. Ugh…again!  But the power of believing in myself, I followed all the steps and the committee accepted my application.

2 down 1 to go!  I found out what that SAP appeal was (Satisfactory Academic Progress) it required another application process along with a written statement and also had to be approved by a committee. So I completed all of those steps as well, and got that approved too!

I started classes that fall!! ♥

Moral of the story you can’t ever stop believing in yourself, even when there is only you believing. You can’t ever give up on your dreams, hopes and aspirations just because of a few obstacles, besides if you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead to anywhere, anyway.  “The power of death and life lies within your tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) the choice is yours… DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY DREAM!

Wayne State University May 5, 2016

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