The September Issue

FullSizeRenderIt’s here and I finally got my hands on one of the best issues of VOGUE the 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.  After sending a search party out to find one, I went on a search for myself. And after my favorite store Target didn’t have it, I almost gave up… but a little light went off in my head and I thought to call my nearest Barnes and Nobles. The clerk answered after a recording kept me on hold for about two minutes, longest two minutes of my life! I asked the clerk if they had the September issue of VOGUE and she said yes, we have quite a few would you like for me to put one on hold for the day for you? I said yes, and I will be there in 7 minutes or less as I waited on my medium dark roast from Tim Hortons.

Shout out to the bookstores that still exist.

Any who, it’s hard to put in words how I was feeling when I touched the collector’s edition with my own hands. You know that moment in “The Devil Wears Prada” when Emily shows Andy the mock up of Runway and she reaches out and touches it and Emily slaps her hand and says “No don’t touch it”… that’s how I felt, like I wanted to touch but not quite. So I hand it to the cashier and tell him I put a call in earlier and told the sales girl to hold it but you can let her know I took one from the sales floor, he said he’d be sure to do so. But then he said to me guess what with your purchase of this issue of VOGUE you get a free tote bag to go with it. Whaaaat?! That was it for me I was all smiles… like I won a golden globe or something, I said to him that I thought the tote only comes if you ordered it online, because I had been stalking online of course. He said nope, and I said yay!

Its always the simplest moments that excite me!

This issue came at one of the most pivotal times in my life…

“At VOGUE, We’re not much given to looking backward, reasoning that life only goes in one direction—forward—and therefore, so should we. “ 

–September 2017 Letter from the Editor, Anna Wintorn 

Free Tote Bag

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